- Barcelona International Film Festival, 2017

- InShort Film Festival 2016

- Fargo Fantastic Film Festival 2016

- Headline International Film Festival 2016

- ECU: The European Independent Film Festival 2013

- Portobello Film Festival 2013

- Screentest: The National Student Film Festival 2012

- The British Student Film Festival 2012



- Castell Award - 'Our Story' [Music Video] - Barcelona International Film Festival



- Awardeo: Film of the Week

- Film Shortage: Daily Short Film Pick [Three Films]


Peter Roe is an independent Director based in London, who also works as a Producer in commercials for Recipe.


Much of his early work has been in short films, focusing on dramatic narratives with elements of fantasy and a focus on emotive visuals. He has also written, produced and edited all of his work.


In 2017, Peter is looking to collaborate with artists to direct Music Videos. He is also developing an ultra low-budget feature, with the aim of writing and financing throughout 2017 and shooting in 2018.

CONTACT: peterroe@me.com


VIMEO: https://vimeo.com/peterroe